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Radiant Cut Cognac Zircon Red and White Diamonds

Red and White Diamonds


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Cognac Zircon with Red and White Diamonds Woman’s Ring

Radiant Cut Cognac Zircon: 14 kt. white and rose gold with .54 ct. red and white diamonds. Two open arches of white gold set with white diamonds lend support to the featured 3.74 ct. radiant cut cognac zircon. Open rose gold with red diamonds sits under the major zircon to provide architectural contrast.

Radiant Cut: The radiant cut diamond is a rectangular cut pattern applied to the crown and pavilion, creating a vibrant diamond. The modified square shape looks beautiful set with both rounded or square cornered diamonds.

Zircon Stone: One of our favorites, this stone can be found in antique jewelry as well as these very contemporary styles. The spectrum of beautiful colors, its rarity and affordability contribute to its popular today. Some gem collectors seek out Zircon from different locations capturing gems in every color of the rainbow – colorless, green, blue, yellow, brown, orange, dark red, and all the colors in between.

Aurum Design Jewelry Celebrating 25 Shimmering Years

The mystery, beauty and intrinsic qualities that jewelry has represented from the dawn of time and the passion and craftsmanship of Aurum Design Jewelry is fully encompassed in one word: Aurum, which is the Latin word for gold. Then there is the Darren Bradley Collection at Aurum Design: Daren’s creative drive is a reflection of his lifelong interest in architecture and sculpture. He is intrigued by jewelry as a three-dimensional form and by its innate power to evoke emotions. His award winning custom jewelry line displays his sense of craftsmanship, color and composition. His artistic perspective has brought him recognition within his field and the appreciation of clients for over two decades. Aurum Design offers clients the opportunity to work individually with designers and jewelry specialists.